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To do aztecan sun school quest you must be level 86 and have completed some specific main quest. Go to wizard101 wiki and search up the prerequisite quest for the sun obelisk quest.

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Enchanted Armament for x3 Sharpened Blades . Balance Class Pet for x1 Balanceblade and x1 Sharpened Blade . Snappy Griffin for x1 Balanceblade and x1 Feint . Opossum for x1 Balanceblade x1 Bladestorm and x1 Dragonspear (+20% outgoing universal pierce now). Only equippable by Balance wizards, however.Thanks for watching! Today I get sharpen blade, potent trap, and primordial! Leave a like if you enjoyed! It is always appreciated! Follow my twitter down be...So I've been wanting to try to hit for the 'one in a million' achievement but can't get the spells yet for sharpen/potent trap and I was wondering if there was any plants I could farm for them? Any info helps! ... Sharpened_Blade. Read more . 0 Reply 05/13/21. Into Wizard101? Join the community.You unlock the star, sun, and moon trainers at lvls 84, 86, and 88 respectively. In your case you only need to do the quest that unlockes the sun trainer. However, if more people come here later, just to be clear, you need to complete the zafaria sun trainer quest first. Then complete the azteca star quest, with this as the prequest.

By posting on the Wizard101 Message Boards you agree to the Code of Conduct. Search Updated Topics Hottest Topics Rules. Message Boards Home > Ravenwood Commons. Fire school spells. ... I know you can change them with the sharpen blade spell and cloak one but you can't use the fire blade regular with those only one at a time. And when I team ...

Not only that, but they are extremely rare, and is limited in copies on however many that can be acquired. This is a retired TC, and is only acquired through trading. These cards were once the rarest TC in the game, and the same argument could be made for now, but surprisingly, is only #5 on this list. 4. Faithful Companions TC.

By posting on the Wizard101 Message Boards you agree to the Code of Conduct. Search Updated Topics Hottest Topics Rules. ... Message; buggy5614. Rank: Survivor Joined: May 20, 2010. Posts: 1 Ican't get sharpen blade quest. It will not let me get sharpen blade quest and I am l level 88 and I have done the quest in drum jungle for the sun school ...Wizard101 Azteca Sun School Quest for Sharpened Blade, Primordial and Potent TrapMORE INFO! Fire school wins the battle at ar...The most efficient school options for the hitter are Fire and Ice, since they have access to the AoE spells that do the most overall damage without a Shadow Pip:. Fire can cast Rain of Fire (1100 total damage) Ice can cast Snow Angel (760 total damage) Several other schools work just fine — they just need an extra blade or two (or a Shadow Pip) compared to Fire or Ice.Wizard101: SHARPEN BLADE, POTENT TRAP, & PRIMORDIAL ZenmasterBlue 86.3K subscribers Subscribe 549 33K views 7 years ago Thanks for …

Ice gets their blade at level 38 so having a pet with a blade can cover that glaring weakness. Talents wise you can't go wrong with a triple damage double resist pet for PVE. I like the shiverous knight because it gives 2 ice blades (stackable with regular blades). Gives one at baby and one at ancient iirc.

Here's my suggestion if you are planning to run mirror lake as any of the following schools. Fire- pack 2 sharpen blade, 2-3 fire blades, one dragon, 2 meteors, one charging bull, furnace, and 2 elemental triblades 4 epics or colossal. Storm- 2 sharpen blade, 2-3 storm blade, one storm lord, 2 tempest, one glowbug, one mass prism, 2 elemental ...

Snappy Gryphon - the only pet in the game that gives a universal blade and a feint, Great for both solo play and playing support for a hitter. Lernean Hydra is also helpful for Balance mobs until you get Nested Fury. Balance Hamster - Gives a universal blade and a Sharpened Blade item card. Good for blade stacking either on yourself or others.April 7, 2021 April 8, 2021 Ravino Blades and Traps Revised What's behind the change? Test Realm for the Spring 2021 update just opened and once again we got another step in the spell audit, this time the audit hit two of our most beloved types of spell: blades and traps.BlazeLifehammer. 194K subscribers. Join. Subscribe. 119K views 7 years ago. One of the most useful Astral spells in the game: sharpened blade. LIKE if you enjoyed, thanks! Don't miss any videos...Sharpened Blade item cards - Page 2 - Wizard101 Forum and Fansite CommunityInteresting thought, but I would be wary of a spell that adds a fixed percentage. Suppose the spell adds 10% to the damage reduction. If you throw this on a tower shield, the result is kind of meh, increasing the reduction from 50% to 60%.With sharpen that's 4 blades, add item/pet sharp or TC sharp and you can stack up to 8 different blades that will boost Balance spells. Balance is meant to be BALANCE, not an attack machine. they have 2 UNIVERSAL blades, but none for balance only damage. Every school has spells that are useful to other schools.

160. • 4 mo. ago. You need to complete the first two astral obelisk side quests in Azteca. The sun obelisk quest (unlocked at level 86) will let you train sharpened blade and potent trap. The requirements for the these quests are weird, since you need to have completed the previous astral obelisk quests all the way back in Zafaria. regular, tc, item and jewels, pet, sharpen, tc sharpen, pet or item sharpen school blade, balance blade, dragon blade, tri-blade, blade storm, dark pact, blade dance, (the balance supercharge spell i forgot the name) that mean more than 40 blade possibility. same for the traps (more than 60 if i remember correctly)Heck, Mockenspiel converts triple blades to balance blades and you just have 2 more 17% blades lined up after you rid of the first one. Balance's ability to just be a revolving door of buffs and the fact that it's balanced around only having smaller buffs makes it a real menace late game. 40% from Frenzy + 35% from a balance blade makes is a ...A bench grinder is the ideal tool for all those sharpening jobs, but if you don't own one you might find a belt sander works as well. Watch video. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest View All Guides Latest View All Radio Show...Keeping your blades sharp is essential for any job, from cutting wood to trimming hedges. But finding a reliable blade sharpening service near you can be a challenge. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and using a blade sharpe...Death to feint. Spirit blade and trap, elemental blade and trap. Sun school damage enchants. Potent trap, sharpen blade. Berserk, frenzy, fortify, brace. Stun shield, conviction. Ageis, indemnity. ice to tower and or life to satyr if you want either but those are meh imo.

Rulerofthedeep. In Aztecs you can get sharpen blade and potent trap. They make your blades and traps 10% stronger when you enchant them. They also stack with normal blades. You can also get more blades and traps from item cards that come with pets and amulets. There is also the spirit blade spell, which gives a 35% life blade.》3 death blades: with and without sharpened blade, one from my pet ( death pterodactyl) ( could have gotten a tc one) 》3 tri blades: with and without sharpened blade, and a tc one 》 dark pact with sharpened blade I forgot dark pact and if the target was life i could have done well over 1million

Train elemental blade if you are storm, fire, or ice. If you do pvp, it's up to the individual and how they like to play. If you are ice, training elemental blade is useful because you do not get your school ice blade until level 38. For fire, stacking an elemental blade with a regular blade can be helpful for a big one hit Heckhound.My ice is just a bit higher level than yours and I am using a sharpened ice blade and elemental blade from my enchanted armament pet, Item iceblade from bitter cheiftans helm, regular feint, amulet feint, regular iceblade, regular elemental blade. And of course colossal. I don't actually you all of those in a fight because that would be ...The point of it being an item card is irrelevant or that purpose. imagine you only get the sharpen blade spells on round one and can't blade. but you need at least two blade to kill with your aoe, so you discard and pass and lose a round. I usually prefer having only a normal blade and a pet blade in my deck to ensure I can blade first round.3 Sharpen Blade Cards May Cast Fairy May Cast Spritely May Cast Pierce +10 Spell Proof (true 10) +5 Spell Defy If you'd like to give a shot at hatching and have the 45-50k gold needed.Your offer is very generous and I thank you for that. I do appreciate that you are willing to help others in and with the game. Mary P.S.So a 40% normal blade stacks with an item 40% blade can also stack stack with a 40% tc blade. The easiest way to explain it is what won't stack and that's blades and traps of the same type I.E casting 2 elemental tri blades won't stack one ontop of the other unless you modify it with a sharpen.By posting on the Wizard101 Message Boards you agree to the Code of Conduct. Search Updated Topics ... Hi I am a level 87 wizard and I have been trying to figure out why the bird wont give me the quest for the blade sharpen I have did almost all the side quests in the main area but the quest still wont come up please help asap. dayerider. Rank ...Enchanted Armament Pet gives 3 Sharpened Blade cards at Mega! - Page 3 - Wizard101 Forum and Fansite Community

With your fireblade amulet you obtain at level 62, you can use that 40% blade, a 35% regular fireblade, and a fire dragon enchanted with gargantuan, or colossal at level 64. For big bosses, especially in Azteca, it is keen to have some extra ways of buffing yourself. Once you hit 86, you get this awesome spell named sharpened blade.

Rain Core: Offers a blade, a bubble, and another X pip damage spell for storm! Frankenbunny: This pet offers a few storm heals that can really help out with storm questing if you're having a difficult time staying alive. Any Enchanted Armaments: This pet gives a sharpen for any level, allowing for even better blade stacking.

Best Ice pets. 1. Frosty Eye. This pet gives an ice blade card, a blizzard card (100% accuracy) and a stun AOE (area of effect) card. Ice blade is useful since ice gets their blade at level 38. Blizzard is also useful as an AOE, and it’s 100% accuracy so no fizzling. 2.Spells wise, i was missing sharpened blade and potent trap, which i now got. From death school im missing : bad juju, deer knight, lord of night, virulent plague and mass infection. should i get them before i continue khrysalis ? Gear wise i got staff and hat/robe from Hades, and some other stuff, cant check cause maintenance right now.Fire Blade Pet I have just started a new fire about a week ago and am wondering if anyone has any pet with a fire blade that would be able to hatch. I have a 57 myth with gold and mega snacks to provide for the new account.By posting on the Wizard101 Message Boards you agree to the Code of Conduct. Search Updated Topics Hottest Topics ... Rank: Survivor Joined: Feb 06, 2013. Posts: 1 Bug with Sharpened Blade. When I use sharpened blade on Balanceblade and Bladestorm the menu shows the resulting blade with the percentage pre sharpen, however, elemental/sprit blade ...Turn 1, I use a sharpened stormblade on myself. He uses a sharpened elemental blade on me. Turn 2, I Use an Indemnity Feint, and he uses a Potent Hex Turn 3 (I survived the Meteor at 175 Health, so for this to work, you must have gotten a shadow pip and have him not attack you, but your partner.)Hello Wizards, I Really don't get how the sharpened blade is used Any help would be Appreciated Thank you, Brandon Lightsword ( 52 ) TheNecromancyKing Rank: Defender Joined: May 29, 2009 Posts: 102 Jun 15, 2013 Re: Sharpened Blade Sharpened blade is a sun spell that you put on a blade, causing it to be 10% more.So sharpen balance blade, reg balance blade, sharpen bladestorm, reg bladestorm together all stack and it adds extra damage to the blade that is sharpened. Add a pet blade and a gear blade and balance can finally stack 6 blades like other schoolsIf you completed Turn up the Sun you should be able to train Sharpen Blade from Qyburn Stellargaze in the Arcanum, unless the quest didn't get completed. EvanDeathBlade. I just got sharpen/potent on my ice a day or two ago so the quest shouldn't be broken but definitely email ki and ask them about it they should be able to help.By posting on the Wizard101 Message Boards you agree to the Code of Conduct. Search Updated Topics Hottest Topics Rules. Message Boards Home > The Dorms. Enhancement Cards for blades, shields and traps ... modified sharpen blade card, allows you to boost another wizard's blade floating in front of them.Description. This Death Class Pet was given as a reward in the Death Deckathalon Event from September 2020 onwards to players who earned 450 points. Although it shares a name with the original Death Class Pet, this Pet has a different pedigree, and contains Combat and Adventure type Talents in its pool. For the version of …Filed under Wizard101. Many games have cheat codes, and although Wizard101 players aren't cheaters, they are pretty smart! Here are some Wizard101 tips and tricks to help players advance their characters, get free stuff and improve their overall gaming experience. Skip the test When a new player sets up a Wizard101 account, Merle Ambrose will ...

see you have the extra 2-3 sharpens but then you also have the 2-3 blades you have to sharpen plus regular sharpens and their accompanying blades. you really don’t need like 7 blades to kill anything tbh. i’m an ice wizard and when i go into mob fights i only have three blades plus frenzy and that’s enough to kill. as a storm you def won’t need this much. Best. Add a Comment. ed12349876 • 4 yr. ago. For pets that gives good cards alone, life's options are Kookaburra (You said you have a noble Kookaburra, there's a life option that gives you a life blade, and a 4 pip life aoe, making it fantastic for lower levels, if you're past lvl 58 however, you can make a different choice), Lively Opossum ... ok so im pretty sure everyone who has the spell sharpen has this problem, "which blades on me are sharpened?!" Im actually struggling with that right now as i type this lol. I really think that when we cast sharpened blades, they should glow or become golden, maybe even sparkle. Just need a good way to know which blades are sharpened ya know?Instagram:https://instagram. boa grand nationals wichita fallssunbreak greatsword buildvaultz lock box reset Wizard101 Spoilers @W101Spoilers. Motley Pegasus GC Pet (Myth) - Talent pool: Myth Sniper, Myth Dealer, Myth Assailant, Vigorous, WC Time of Legend, Critical Hitter, Thinkin' Cap, Health Gift, Pip O' Plenty & Early Bird ICs: Sharpened Blade - 1 at Baby, 1 at Ancient & 1 at Mega.The elemental and non elemental blades take pips to place, unless you survive and build large number of pips and use Justice , Hydra and Balances other spell using non elemental, are good, but in all if you use Balance spells, with a Balance wizard Blades are short. No you cannot craft it. Try to get an Enchanted Armament pet, it gives … interstelar 2 operation terra 2040 trailerbank repo toy haulers for sale near me Elemental Blade Treasure Card. Sign in to edit View history Talk (0) School: Balance Pip Cost: 1 Accuracy: 100% Type: Text: +40% to next , , and spell Cost from Harold Argleston and Zan'ne: 450 Gold Lowest Bazaar Purchase Price: Highest Bazaar Sale Price: Recipe Vendor Niles, the Balance Tree ...If you completed Turn up the Sun you should be able to train Sharpen Blade from Qyburn Stellargaze in the Arcanum, unless the quest didn't get completed. EvanDeathBlade. I just got sharpen/potent on my ice a day or two ago so the quest shouldn't be broken but definitely email ki and ask them about it they should be able to help. tippecanoe scanner freaks My storm and life wizards do not have sharpen blade or potent trap. I am wondering if I have to use that or some other strategy to defeat the void elemental. Any strategies for this are welcome. I mean, it's not required, but idk what you're doing running around after level 100 and not having them. use whatever buffs you have and hit it with ...Sharpen Blades card - pet vs item. There is no visual difference between Sharpen Blade from item and from pets. One should be changed visually - green background, or an icon like a paw print for a pet spell, or a pattern. As it is we can't tell them apart in our decks, and it matters when stacking. Elemental and Spirit blades from item & pet ...